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Wake up to Publications is a relatively new publisher of self-help books and has an affiliation with other businesses that provide life-enhancing products and services.

This website is under construction as of 1st December 2013 2012 and is therefore limited in content, but it is being updated on a frequent and regular basis with further information, publications and services, so please check on this site again in the near future to see what new information has been added.

We have affiliations to several other businesses that provide a range of services and products that help anyone wishing to improve their lives in the areas of self-help, goal creation, business services and health

We have published and will be publishing books in the self-help sector, with the main emphasis on curing Type 2 Diabetes, but we also have books on stopping smoking, creating goals and various other useful areas.

Where we have not published our own books in what we consider key areas, we are happy to recommend other publishers and authors who have written excellent books on the subjects.  Many of these can be purchased online through Amazon, by using our online link to their site.

We have various sister sites, but we have decided that linking all of these sites to our master site, Elemental Energy Organisation, puts our various services and products on one easy to access location.

Elemental Energy Organisation Ltd - your key to Wealth, Health, Success and Happiness:-


From this site you can access our other businesses:-

Dennington Bishop Ltd - Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Business Consultancy Services

Life Visions Ltd - Life and Business Coaching, Goal and Outcome Creation

Design-a-Diet Ltd - Diet programmes created specifically to your personal needs, particularly with reference to Type 2 Diabetes

and others relating to all areas of Wealth, Health, Success and Happiness

Type 2 diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and needs to be addressed in a way that can help everyone through lifestyle choices and not just through destructive prescribed drug regimes.  We can help with coaching and our astounding publications

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Address: Summer Vale, Croft Road, Ogwell, Newton Abbot, TQ12 6BQ
Email: eeorganisation@aol.com
Tel: 01626 336734